Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz - coach and business adviser

20 years of professional experience, including 18 as a private entrepreneur shaped my business approach, based on some simple rules

"Knowledge means power!"

"In business I get only what I have negotiated!"

"Practice, sweat and pain are the best teacher!"

"Do not expect effects from people with no talent!"

"There are only two ways to be successful: by one's own industry, or by the stupidity of others!

My professional activities

I share knowledge and business experience with sales forces, merchants/buyers and managers who feel the need of their own competence development. I am interested in difficult tasks, bringing new abilities and challenging participants of my training.

Training or coaching sessions which I conduct are ground of practical experience rather than showing and discussing slides.

I conduct audits of selling/buying forces in terms of their organization, productivity and competence of employees.

I advise, organize and conduct commercial meetings, both domestic and international for companies which want to feel secure in the world of business negotiations.

I cooperate with academic centers, in which I conduct practical workshops and lectures for students.

Areas of my training activities (B2B)

• Advanced commercial/business negotiations
• Effective sale & negotiations
• Communication, persuasion and exerting influence in business
• International business negotiations with cultural differences
• Recruitment and audits of commercial/purchase departments
• Management and the organization of commercial/purchase departments
• Authority, management influence for management

I am the author of studies and articles in the scope of

• Business etiquette
• Influence of cultural differences on international negotiations
• Principles of negotiation with modern retail trade
• Manipulation and persuasion in world of the international business
• Effective negotiations in modern business

My education

I graduated from English Philology faculty and I use my pedagogical skills in the process of business training effectively and successfully.

I am also certified by English Language Institute of University of Michigan as a fluent second language speaker.

My professional experience

I was a consultant and expert for consulting companies within the Sectoral Operational Programmes: Improvement of Enterprise Competitiveness and Human Resources Development.

I also work as a freelance business coach for several training companies in Poland and have great privilege to conduct practical workshops for students of renowned Polish Universities

I worked for The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PAED) which is a governmental agency subordinate to the Minister of the Economy as the author of didactic materials on international business etiquette, international culture impact on business relation and how to negotiate with modern retail supply chains.

I was one of representatives and consultants of EC Enterprise and Industry DG to help companies to start business relations with partners from other countries.

In year 2000 I was active participant at Annual Conference of the Euro Info Centres, Prague, Czech Republic, where 273 Euro Info Centres met other major European Commission networks dedicated to enterprises, in view of developing mutual co-operation.

Also in year 2000 my company was nominated by President of The City of Lodz as one of the leading and prospective in the region of Lodz (Lodz is the second biggest city in Poland)

In year 2002 at International Linguist Conference my pragmatic and semantic linguistic analysis of speech given by Hilary Clinton during her running for election to Senate in 2000 achieved acclaim among participants.

In year 2005 my company was entitled to enter Polish Export Leader Ranking

I conducted radio program and TV shows on business related issues and due to this practice I am able to give speech and cooperate with audience of 200 or more people effectively.

The purpose of this site is sharing knowledge on management, persuasion and negotiation in business. You are welcome to it!

        Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz
          +48 606 64 20 81