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The skill of tough negotiations is not to finish off the opponent. Even the toughest negotiations must lead to an agreement that satisfies both sides.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz


19 February 2015

Not making a decision is a decision!

I’m thirteen in the race, going with a speed of 180 kph, slowing down to 110, entering the first right corner of a chicane, countering quickly to the left top. I am not aware that the tires are overheated, which affects the adhesion. Losing the grip I touched the wall hard, bending the tie rod of […]

17 January 2015

Why does pride walk before the fall ?

False self-confidence is associated with an excess of self-presentation, which is manifested as an attitude: See! I’m awesome! If you’re very confident, but you have inadequate self-esteem, you may try to camouflage it by the excess of self-presentation. A necessary condition to ensure that the strategy of self-presentation in excess works is the audience, which […]

4 January 2015

The dark side of the XXI century

In the previous post Funny money … I announced why social influence is becoming much easier, what you need to do to influence others and how to protect from succumbing to influence. What is necessary to influence others is effective communication. In the alleged text by Noam Chomsky  – “Top 10 ways to manipulate people” it […]

28 December 2014

Funny money? No, thank you!

One of the most important characteristics of an effective persuader is the ability to use language properly. Relying on the obsolete theory of Howard Gardner on multiple intelligences (neuroscience rejects multiple intelligences as separate entities – more on this can be found in the book of Daniel Coyle “Talent Code”), verbal intelligence corresponds with an ability […]

16 December 2014

Fear of influencing others (?)

After many many years of observations gained from conducting training in the field of conscious influence I came to a conclusion, that people are reluctant to use any techniques of influence consciously. Many a time I noticed in my previous posts that fear is a terrible adviser, since fear paralyzes common sense thinking. Why is […]

9 December 2014

Success, professionalism and passion !

Passion – word meaning suffering, derived from the verb meaning in Proto-Indo-European language (proto-language) to inflict pain. Passion is not a hobby. Semantically or etymologically (etymology is the history of words ) the words have nothing in common. If you have passion, it’s basically suffering because of the pain passion inflicts, and yet suffering ennobles your character. A man without passion is like […]

9 December 2014

When you grow you need more space!

Anyone who grows needs more space. In my work such a neccessity poped up. I welcome all English readers to the English version of my magazine-blog “Wiedza to Władza”. Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz