• Difficult Negotiations
  • Crises & Conflicts
  • Credibility in Communication

Long-term success is never the work of chance and coincidence. It depends very much on the habits we have developed, which can either serve us faithfully or be our greatest curse.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz


Below you can indicate the areas where I can help you. Click the link and describe in a few words what your problem is. I will contact you within 24 hours.

Difficult negotiations and ”a game of nerves” in a conflict of interest (B2B / negotiations with unions)

You have a very difficult negotiating situation and want me to prepare you for negotiations, develop a strategy or negotiate on your behalf.

Difficult situations and difficult managerial decisions (B2B crisis)

Your organization is in crisis and you want me to help you get back on track.

Persuasion, linguistic analysis and analysis of managerial communication (when people can’t get along)

Your people can't get along and you need support in the area of forensic linguistics.

Trade negotiations and sales (B2B)

You need sales support or to improve the competence of salespeople / buyers.

International negotiations in terms of cultural differences

You work with foreign contractors and have problems related to their different culture, the rules of which are a tool for influencing strangers.

International business etiquette and influencing (Savoir Vivre)

You work with foreign clients and want to better understand why the Americans prefer "take it or leave it" as a negotiating strategy and the Russians are 2 hours late.

Business English (academic level)

I think this service is self-explonatory.

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