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Etiquette in business is not for making the atmosphere pleasant. Etiquette was invented to be able to influence others without having to show true negative emotions.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz

COVID-19 in business

Crisis – a Chinese word that contains danger in it. It is also not true, that it is a combination of two words: danger or threat and the beginning of a new road or chance. Sinologist Victor H. Mair of the University of Pennsylvania argues that the popular interpretation of “wēijī” as “danger” and “opportunity” is a common misunderstanding in the English-speaking world. The use of this word has become a kind of rhetorical catch, especially among American business consultants, politicians and motivational speakers. Our Polish language, belonging to the group of Proto-Indo-European languages, has more in common with Greek. In Greek, the word crisis is a decision.