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Does childhood have an impact on our lives? Anthony de Mello wrote a fable about an eagle which was raised by a hen stepmother. When the eagle was given the chance to fledge, it chose not to because it already believed it was a rooster.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz

What’s been going on since March 2021? A lot!

Someone might think that I have disappeared somewhere, or worse, that I am no longer involved in difficult negotiations. Nothing could be further from the truth! In a nutshell and without violating NDA I can only say that:

  • in 2021 I prepared a communication and negotiation strategy with 13 unions for two Polish companies.
  • in 2021 I prepared an “all women’s team” for negotiations with trade unions, where women bravely faced the men alone, completing 100% of the plan!
  • in 2021, I prepared a negotiation strategy for a client that saved PLN 8,000,000 in budget.
  • the last six months and the client’s toxic “conflict of interest” was the best negotiation adventure of my career!