• Difficult Negotiations
  • Crises & Conflicts
  • Credibility in Communication

Hard negotiations require no games or manipulation. If you want to get along then you have to bet on effective communication.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz

What’s been going on since March 2021? A lot!

Someone might think that I have disappeared somewhere, or worse, that I am no longer involved in difficult negotiations. Nothing could be further from the truth! In a nutshell and without violating NDA I can only say that:

  • in 2021 I prepared a communication and negotiation strategy with 13 unions for two Polish companies.
  • in 2021 I prepared an “all women’s team” for negotiations with trade unions, where women bravely faced the men alone, completing 100% of the plan!
  • in 2021, I prepared a negotiation strategy for a client that saved PLN 8,000,000 in budget.
  • the last six months and the client’s toxic “conflict of interest” was the best negotiation adventure of my career!