• Difficult Negotiations
  • Crises & Conflicts
  • Credibility in Communication

A trait that a professional negotiator must be able to excel at is general resilience to stress and the ability to live with uncertainty, that is, with accepted instability.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz

Past time, hobby, passion, enrichment

Quoting the words of Oskar Wilde ’a – „It’s absurd to divide people into good or bad. People are either charming or boring” I decided to return to my first passion, which is photography. I decided to combine my photographic workshop with knowledge of human nature. The effect of this is translated into the creation of my new blog JUST IMPRESS ME, where I want to show those who impress me. Not by what they have, but what they can do. For starters, skatepark and kids who work on their tricks. One inspires the other. They have a passion that hurts them. It drags them out of their comfort zone and forces them to make an effort. Enriches