• Difficult Negotiations
  • Crises & Conflicts
  • Credibility in Communication

Successful negotiation comes down to getting what you want from others, offering what others need in return. It is not a matter of techniques, manipulation or influence.

Tomasz Piotr Sidewicz

Success, professionalism and passion !

Passion – word meaning suffering, derived from the verb meaning in Proto-Indo-European language (proto-language) to inflict pain. Passion is not a hobby. Semantically or etymologically (etymology is the history of words ) the words have nothing in common. If you have passion, it’s basically suffering because of the pain passion inflicts, and yet suffering ennobles your character.

A man without passion is like a vase without flowers. Hollow. Looking at them, you can see that something is missing. They may be put somewhere, but sooner or later they can be hidden in a cubbyhole with the other empty vases .

What does passion provide, beyond suffering ? It enriches and develops you. Development starts where comfort zone ends. Under a warm feather-blanket there is no room for any development. On a deck chair with a drink in hand? It is difficult to develop either. Jacek Walkiewicz said that professionalism is never a coincidence. Passion gives professionalism. Professionalism gives quality. And quality is luxury in life.

If you have any passion you know that everything is possible. You just have to want to realize your dreams! And dreams? If you are not afraid of your dreams it means that your dreams suck! Act! Compete with your dreams!